Co-Parenting In-Person or Zoom Video Conference  $50

Co-Parenting In-Person or Zoom Video Conference are identical 4 1/2 hour one-time educational seminars for parents around ongoing cooperative parenting issues. The objective of these Co-Parenting seminars is to assist parents in creating a functional divorce, where each family member is moving toward healing from this family change and rebuilding their lives. This seminar will encourage parents to assist their children during this family transition, emphasize the importance of workable communication between co-parents, and provide tools to meet the ever-changing needs of their children.

The current locations for the Co-Parenting In-Person seminars are Brooklyn Center, Richfield and Inver Grove Heights.

If you are interested in the Zoom Video Conference option via participation on your laptop or mobile device, you will be sent an email with a free Zoom download invite before the seminar.

This program satisfies the court requirement for Parent Education.  If you are in a contested custody situation MN State Law requires 8 hours of parenting education which is either of these Co-Parenting options and our in-person LEAD (Legal Economic Aspects of Divorce) seminar.  For your convenience, the Co-Parenting in-person and LEAD in-person seminars are held back to back on a Saturday morning and afternoon every other month in Brooklyn Center.

Co-parenting Topics Include:

  • Meeting children’s developmental needs

  • Business-like communication

  • Conflict resolution strategies

  • Children’s rights and parents’ responsibilities

  • Helping children move between homes

  • Things children need to hear during transitions

  • Self-care and emotional stability

  • Managing typical divorce traps

  • Dating and step-parenting